This section contains some examples of website that I have helped build or modify.

Boston Tea Party is an example of a flash intro. It originally lead to flash movies that students at a local high school has created as a class project. Due to size these are not included here. The other sites were mostly created using tables to control the layout.

The Georgia Perimeter College link is a site that I helped the Sign Language Interpreting program redo. I used a template provided by the school and modified it to meet our needs.

Tricia's Home Plate was created using a template contained within the host site.

The image map is an example of an image map that I created for the Office of Information Technology.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a site that I redesign while working at Mercer University. It uses javascript for the drop down menus and the text style is controlled using style sheets. The drop down menus no longer work because they were originally created using Dreamweaver MX. I only have access to Dreamweaver 4 so am not able to recreate the drop downs in this example. The site shown here is presented merely to represent the design. The final site design.

More information about these sites